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e-Learning and Integration

ICT Teaching and Learning integration of ICT into curriculum areas
The e-Learning Classroom e-Learning project support wiki. Follow the journey of several teachers who are changing the way they teach and students learn
The e-Learning Classroom blog My observations of how teachers from a variety of schools set up e-Learning classrooms, the successes and the not so successful events.
Put the e in e-Learning half day professional development wiki
ICT Professional Development This is a wiki on the resources I use when I am teaching in a classroom

Literacy and e-Learning

Maths and e-Learning (under construction)

Teacher aides and computers

Children as Researchers how to help children become better researchers


Web2.0 and Education Web2.0 tools that can be used in Education
Google Docs in the Classroom Get to know the basics of Google Docs and how to use them in the classroom

Tools and Devices

How to use iPhones & iPods in the classroom

Interactive Whiteboards and mimios

Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom Using Interactive Whiteboards in the classroom(under construction)

Hints, Tips and Tutorials

Where to start with Wikis and Blogs help with wikis and blogs

Course Support Blog

Schools and Macs Hints and tips for Mac users

PowerPoint can be great How you can make PowerPoints great


Delicious Delicious website bookmarks

365 days as it happens A blog about a photo a day
Digital Portfolios Example of a Digital Portfolio
Slideshare Slideshare presentations
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