Apps for Google

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Google Drive

You can edit a Doc or a Spreadsheet

You can view a Presentation

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Tips: If you have trouble editing in Google Drive, try opening your Docs in Google Chrome or Puffin

or sometimes you need to open it as a Desktop version

If you are creating docs for your students to add to on an iPad or a iPod Touch. I recommend that you do not use Tables. They can be difficult to edit on an iPad.

Add photos and videos to Google Drive

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Google Drive: Free for iPad; Free for iPhone/iPod Touch Store documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, photos and videos etc. Access these documents from any device. Share documents with others.

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Click on the + Click on Use Camera Take photos and videos Click Use

or you can click on Upload Photo or Video and store it in Google Drive

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Click on Uploads This is where all the photos and videos will be stored, which can be accessed from all devices.