Instructions for the new Google Sites


6. Click on More Options and type in a Site Description

7. Click on Everyone in the world or Only people I specify

8. Type in the code

9. Click Create site

10. Click on Edit Page

Inserting items

Embed mp3 files on a Google Sites

1. Create and save your music files as mp3s (make a folder to keep them in)

2. Create a webpage on your Google sites to store the files as attachments

3. Click on Add Files Screen_Shot_2012-02-29_at_4.32.21_PM.png

4. Navigate to where the file is kept on your computer and click Open

5. Right click on the Download symbol Screen_Shot_2012-02-29_at_4.34.38_PM.png

6. Select Copy Link Address


7. Go to the site page where the mp3 file is going to be embedded

8. Click on the Edit button Screen_Shot_2012-02-29_at_4.38.34_PM.png

9. Click on Insert More Gadgets...

10. Click on Public and search for "Embed Music"
(include the quotation marks), click Select
Screen Shot 2012-08-01 at 11.57.59 AM.png
11. Delete the link that is in the box and replace with the copied link from your mp3 file
2012-02-29_1650.pngClick OK and then Save

Align a table in a page

Go to Edit Page button
Click on HTML button
Look in the code for where you can see the table code, might look like this <table> or <tableborder> go to the end of the table code, might be a few lines and add this code before the last > align="center" click save (or align right if you want it to go right

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