Updated tips

Writing Comments

If you are marking student work, save yourself time by making shortcuts of the comments you make all the time. Go to Tools -Preferences and type in a shortcut and then what it stands for. If you put brackets around what it stands for, students will be able to easily see what corrections you want them to make (tip from Grading Tips and Tricks)

Research Tip

When you go to Tools - Research select everything if you want pictures and websites. If you just want pictures, then select Imagesresearchtool.PNG

Embedding docs to websites

Remember to go to Share and make your document Public before embedding on a website. If you don't then nobody will be able to see it. If you want multiple people to edit it, make sure the 'can edit' option is selected otherwise leave it at 'View only'

Insert pictures
  • insert pictures from your hardrive by clicking and dragging onto the open Google Doc page

Use comments
  • insert a comment, highlight text, right-click it, and select "Comment." Your name and comment will appear in the sidebar. To address a specific person in a comment, type "@" followed by the name.

Back up your files
  • hover over a folder in the Google Home, right click and choose Download, click Download when files appear.

email notifications with Sharing and Comments

  • you can turn off email notifications in Comments by going to Comments, click on the Dropdown arrow, select notifications and click on Don't send me any notifications for this doc and deselect notify me of all new comments and replies on this document

  • turn of Sharing emails by deselecting Notify people by email

Click here to see some examples of Google Doc templates

Comments and Discussions

Infographic that explains how Google Docs can make your class paperless by TeachThought